Home Page of Peter Wait aka Kayak Peter

now from Las Vegas, New Mexico
containing my journals, letters, musings, bird list
and plant list(coming soon?) all illustrated by my photos.

Sandhill Cranes
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Introducing KAYAKPETER.net

This, my Home Page has been around since 1997 or 98 when I finally bought my first computer, I who had always said that as soon as I could sit in the woods with a computer and program, I would go back to it. I had lied. I was perfectly happy with my life as it was and had no interest in returning to the grind. But the internet was interesting and I had a free website with my ISP, earthLink.net so I did a little reading and jumped into the WWW with my Westward Ho, then after moving to Nevada I obtained the URL kayakpeter.net, added the Wells Letters of the Civil War and kept on adding until the move to New Mexico where an old adobe casa took up my free time. Now, even though the house is not finished (it never will be) and the winter wood is not in, I am taking the time. Enjoy!

May the River bring you Peace, Kayak Peter